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Pain Management

During a session the sensors / electrodes comfortably read electrical impulses from the body and send the information to the computer which acts as a monitoring device. We are able to then educate you on the specific areas of the body and mind that are most in need of stress reduction and re-education.

This information allows you to better understand your reaction to stress and how to better control your physiological responses.

It's non-invasive and gently balances the body so it can heal itself.

Allowing the Body to Fight Against Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Challenges Helps Your Body to Reduce Cellular & Organ Stress Caused by Disease
Improves General Health Heightened Muscle Mobility
Enhanced Mental Clarity Able to Pay Attention More Consistently
Better Focus to Attention Deeper Concentration & Enhanced Memory
Fewer Anxiety Attacks Decreases Sensitivity to be Sorrowful
Discovers Imbalances Detects Stress Indicators which need Neutralized
Helps You to Relax More Quickly Easier to Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep
Reduces Stress & Hypertension Increased Level of Calmness & Peacefulness
Reduces Anger Less Fearfulness
Less Intensity of Pain or Stress Increased Ability to Manage Pain & Stress

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